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    Live At the Jailhouse - A Guide to Restaurant Magic (3 DVD Set) by Dan Fleshman - Magic Trick

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    Live At the Jailhouse - A Guide to Restaurant Magic (3 DVD Set)
    by Dan Fleshmann Garrett Thomas Dan Tong Kirk Charles Paul Green Justin Miller
    On this 3 DVD set you will see some of the most renowned restaurant magicians in the U.S. performing for real audiences but even more important these seasoned pros will talk about
    Disc 1
    Benefits of working in a restaurant
    Choosing a restaurant
    How to dress
    How to get the job
    How to keep the job
    Staff relationships
    Getting paid
    Types of effects
    Amount of material
    Kirk Charles performs
    His version of sponge balls (performance)
    An in the hands Copper/Silver (performance)
    Matches (performance)
    Bar Basketball (explanation)
    Business Card (explanation)
    Garrett Thomas performs
    Rubiks Cube (performance)
    The Ring Thing (performance)
    Big Coin Little Purse (performance)
    Plus Garrett explains his amazing way to vanish and produce large props at a table.
    Paul Green performs
    Pygmy Paddle (explanation)
    Here There and Chicago Too
    Card to Wallet Routine with a great tip to help you never miss and give away your Business Card at the same time (explanation).
    Disc 2
    Approaching the table
    When amp How
    Three ways to leave the table
    Entertainment no desired
    The food arrives
    You finish the show
    Dan Fleshmann performs
    Prof. Nightmare (performance)
    Momma in my wallet (explanation)
    Card to Mouth (explanation)
    Rising Card (explanation)
    Kozmo performs
    SweetN Low Surprise (explanation)
    Disc 3
    Odds and Ends
    Dealing with hecklers
    Evolution of your magic
    Self Promotion
    Pocket Management
    Mistake Recovery
    Making Friends
    Working for Celebs
    Favorite Stories
    Parting Comment
    Bloopers and Credits
    Justin Miller performs
    Shockingly Sweet (explanation)
    Suggestion (explanation)
    Believe (performance)
    Disc 1 Running Time Approximately 2hr 7min
    Disc 2 Running Time Approximately 1hr 3