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    SYKYS by Bazar De Magia - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

    Available from
    by Bazar De Magia

    SYKYS is a cool innovation and actually keeps time. Yes its a real watch We worked over 3 years designing SYKYS and the outcome is breathtaking. This is a truly diabolic magic weapon.
    Lets see
    You can predict four different pre-defined times (not a sequence). You perform the illusion while the spectator holds the watch with his own fingers. The watch can be examined before and after the performance. SYKYS is self contained nothing else is needed to perform with it. No magnets are used. Perform 17 routines by Max Maven Trevor Lewis Rich Bloch Fantasio Tony Binarelli Anthony Blake and others.
    Since its a real watch you can wear it as your regular watch. The perfect impromptu-show-me-a-trick kind of trick.
    One year warranty SYKYS is build upon a fine-quality and fashionable watch.