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    DEMOKRATIA, the way of the cross (84' / 2012) / trailer english



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    DEMOKRATIA, the Way of the Cross
    The May 6th elections were a historical moment for Greece and areal challenge to democracy. The local filmmaking community, eagerto contribute to the necessary soul-searching required by thetimes, documented the political (mis) conduct largely responsiblefor the state the country currently finds itself in. Along withfive other directors (Katerina Patroni, Haris Raftogiannis,Christophe Georgoutsos, Nikolia Apostolou, Giannis Misouridis),Marco Gastine followed every step of the pre-election campaigns offour candidate MPs from different political parties (socialistPASOK, centre-right New Democracy, radical left Syriza and right-wing extremist Golden Dawn). Offering an unusually intimate behind-the-scenes look, "DEMOKRATIA, the Way of the Cross" is aninsightful portrait of political practices in 21st Century Greece.With no comments and no talking heads, the film allows viewers todraw their own conclusions.

    Σκηνοθεσία/ Directors:Marco Gastine and Katerina Patroni, Haris Raftogiannis, Christophe Georgoutsos, Nikolia Apostolou, Giannis Misouridis
    Σενάριο / Screenwriter:Marco Gastine
    Φωτογραφία / Photo:Katerina Patroni, Haris Raftogiannis, Christophe Georgoutsos, NikoliaApostolou, Giannis Misouridis, Argiris theos,Yannis Voliotis
    Μοντάζ / Editor:Chronis Theocharis
    Assistant Editor:Yiannis Voliotis
    Production Mamager::
    Nikos Giannopoulos (IMDB: )
    Εµφανίζονται/ Featuring:
    Yannis Ragousis, Nikos Kostopoulos, Rena Dourou, EliasPanayotaros
    Marco Gastine (IMDB: )
    Ελλάδα / Greece