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    Merlin Pen Scanner


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    Merlin Pen Scanner

    Portable Ray Scanner with Voice Recorder

    With Merlin's patented Laser Guide technology you can scan anything you want instantly - and then Transfer it via USB to PC, Tablet or any Laptop.

    Just Point the Merlin Pen Scanner at anything you want to scan and it will draw a laser generated box around it. Simply press the scan button once more and that’s it... Any business card, note, document or photo that you point at will be scanned instantly

    Use it as any regular Pen that is also a USB disk to store documents, files and presentations. With the added advantage of recording Voice in high quality stereo whenever required. With built-in 1GB memory

    With Built in Voice recorder that can be used at meetings, lectures or for voice reminders.
    Capture Printed text, Handwritten notes from any surface (Whiteboards, paper etc) and store it in the built in memory. Capture text books, magazines, receipts etc

    Amazing cross platform connectivity for the PC, MAC and Smartphones/ Tablets with Apple , Android or Blackberry Operating system, which gives you the access to Sync files from your computer and access anywhere !

    Built in Voice Recorder - ideal for Voice Memos, Meetings and Lectures
    Download the FREE Evernote app to your PC, Tablet or your smart phone to sync your scanned documents, voice memo's and notes.