1998 Obama Admits He is for the Redistribution of Wealth


by KrazedSexPoodle

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The election of Obama was not a legitimate election because Obama was never honest with the American people about what he was or what he was going to do. This is a example of Communist subverting the election process and deceiving the American people. This is libelous and criminal. Americans fear socialism because it does not work and we got the debt to prove it. Obama is bankrupting this country over his faith in a dead socialist religion.

It's such a big deal for Obama to admit he is a socialist because socialism doesn't work. Obama ran as a fiscal conservative but once he got in power all he did was traumatically escalate spending and the national debt, completely opposite of what campaigned on. If he had been honest about being a socialist and pro-debt, anti American he would never have won that election to begin with.