oh god I wish I was home tonight Rod STEWART 12 février 1981 (extract musikladen) HD

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*..the rain poured down the wind swept avenue, on another dark wet december afternoon, all my cherished mem'ries are of you, all my warmth and comfort stayed with you, I would have wrote you a letter but the telephone calls are free, 'cause the boys in the next apartment are working all day, they're a great bunch of guys but I think they're all gay, what am I doing avoiding what I'm trying to say, oh God I wish I was home tonight, with you in my arms, oh God I wish I was home tonight...♫♪♩♬

"oh God I wish I was home tonight" Rod Stewart live 1981 - RARE
with Jim Cregan, Kevin Savigar, Gary Grainger, Phil Chen & Carmine Appice
© Rod Stewart, Phil Chen, Gary Grainger & Kevin Savigar

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