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    Dinosalt by G Sparks - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    You bring out a bar napkin a salt shaker and a flashlight size light bulb. Saying Now I know you have heard the term medical break-thru. Well I would like to demonstrate a magical break-thru. Take the bar napkin and place it into your left fist as if you where placing it into a thumb tip but you are making a small pocket for the light bulb. The spectator now places the light bulb into the center of the napkin. Next you ask the spectator to pick up the salt shaker and add some salt. After all this break thru does concern an object being lightly salted. Now you give the napkin a good twist and set it down with the light bulb. Pick up the salt shaker and smash the light bulb into into the salt shaker itself. Yes the napkin in now empty and the light bulb has visibly penetrated both the napkin and the bottom of the glass salt shaker. A cool penetration for walk around bar and restaurant work.