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    No Smoking Jean-Luc Bertrand (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Totally based on the paddle move this performance is about four minutes long. Designed to be performed on table hopping with an astonishing climax no smoking is set up to be an interactive routine where your audience is involved.
    This routine took years of improvments and practice and the version you will see is the ultimate one. Totally based on the good ol paddle move you will not use a paddle with dots but real Bic lighters. On its side a No Smoking sign appears and vanishes at will. Then a second lighter is introduced and the signs switch from one to the other. Finally one lighter vanishes and melts with the other one to end up with a double sided lighter. A real interaction will be built with your audience that will last a few minutes. Effects grow bigger and bigger while you perform the routine
    Comes complete with the lighters you need to perform the routine. This DVD includes all three-French English and Spanish versions. Those are not dubbed voice overed or subtitled but entirely performed in 3 languages on 3 separate tracks with interactive menus according to the language selected.
    -DVD contains
    -Performance with Multi angle views.
    - Paddle move
    - Twist paddle
    - Spin paddle
    - Step by Step explanation
    - Blinking effect
    - Permanent alteration
    Theres so much strong magic in this routine youll be just as impressed as your audience... ( Gregory Wilson )
    My Come in close up magic will be done with No Smoking ( Otto Wessely )