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    Card Manipulation - No.2 by Jeff Sheridan (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Card Manipulation Volume 2
    by Jeff Sheridan

    If youve ever marveled at modern card manipulators and wondered where they learned their skills youre about to find out. Jeff Sheridan is a master whose advanced skills have amazed even those who know card manipulation techniques. He taught many of the worlds most renowned manipulators-and now on this video his advanced master class on card manipulation is available to you 24/7.
    Back Palm
    Continuous Front amp Back Palm
    Fingertip Production
    Producing Two Cards
    Cardini Card Production 1
    One Handed Fan
    Split Fanning
    Producing a Fan of Cards from Back
    Sheridan Card Production
    Cardini Card Production 2
    Bent Card Production
    The Cardini Production (Front View)
    Sidegrip Production
    Sheridan/Lane Production
    Side Grip Production for Fan of Cards
    How to Get Into the Position
    Front Splitting
    Using Double Face Cards
    Variant Cardini Production
    Front Split to Cardini Palm
    Front Split Production
    The Boomerang Card
    The Two-Handed Fan
    One-Handed Fan Closing
    Two-Handed S-Fan
    Dai Vernons Snap Color Change
    Marlo Snap Change
    One-Handed Palm Color Change
    Herrmann Pass Color Change
    The Giant Fan
    Splitting the Fan
    Reverse Fan
    The Tap Vanish
    The Packet Vanish
    Classic One-Handed Cut
    Paul Draylin Triple Cut
    Sheridans Interlock Card Production
    Fan of Cards from a Silk (Cardini Method)
    Sheridans Cards from Silk
    Fan Production with Gloves