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    'Forgive and Forget' only path for Kyrgyzstan?

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Parliamentary elections are being held in Kyrgyzstan next month in the hope of restoring order following months of ethnic violence and political uncertainty. Interim president Roza Otunbayeva, who took the reins following April's bloody street riots, told RT about the future of the country. "It has been about three months since the beginning of the conflict," Otunbayeva said. "In these three months we have managed to reduce the violence, and I'm saying this with responsibility. We experienced different stages of confrontation, starting with the first turbulent week on June 10. It was a fratricidal confrontation. We truly regret that it happened that way. People were killed and injured. About two-and-a-half thousand buildings were burned, including people's homes, businesses and social facilities. We are truly saddened by those events.