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    Steveston Village residents talk about crime that is not in the newspapers


    by MeriNaats

    While Steveston Village in Richmond BC may seem like, to the public, a sleepy little fishing town just outside Vancouver, people who live there say there is crack, rampant theft, vandalism and hooliganism. You won't find these stories in the Richmond Review or the Richmond News, because, for some reason crime stories rarely appear in "official" sources or statistics. These are three people who are talking candidly about crime in their condominiums, work place, and near the Steveston Community Centre (Moncton Street and No. 1 Road is the "four corners" of Steveston Village.) Richmond's city officials nor Steveston community centre leaders have not always returned calls from citizens complaining about crime that affects everybody. Why everybody? Because wherever there is crime, there is a real cost to home owners, who see the values of their condominiums drop. Certain buildings (especially those without video cameras) have many sellers, and few buyers.