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    Florence Restaurant Barters Free Meals for Produce

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    Florence Restaurant Barters Free Meals for Produce - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Bartering was how everyone transacted before currencies were introduced. A business is bringing back that old-fashioned method.

    An upcoming dining establishment in Florence, Italy has come up with a unique and kind-hearted way to lure customers.

    The restaurant will allow diners to pay for their meal with fresh fruit, vegetables or handmade crafts instead of cash. Of course, if the patrons prefer, they can also pay with traditional money or credit cards.

    The owner says that she wants to offer cash-strapped customers another option to enjoy a dinner out of the house during these tough times. The restaurant will serve Tuscan meals, which will be prepared by the bartered produce and other locally grown ingredients.

    Last year, another restaurant utilized a bartering system to help during the slow economy. The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge in Chicago decided to give free meals to customers who would offer services. The dining business used trading websites to connect with professionals. In one case, the restaurant received new flooring.

    What do you think? Is bartering a good idea?