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    World's 5 Most Unusual Fashion Trends

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    World's 5 Most Unusual Fashion Trends - as part of the style series by GeoBeats.

    Here are 5 of the world’s most unusual fashion trends:

    Number 5 is Manba, a fashion trend popular with youth in Japan. The Manba followers wear extremely dark tan products on their faces, white makeup around the eye area, and fluorescent colored hair. With this look, they show their non-conformity towards the traditional Japanese notion of fair-skinned beauty.

    Number 4 - The circle contact lens trend which started in South Korea is a rage in many Asian countries. Unlike regular contact lenses which only cover the iris or the colored part of the eye, the circle contacts cover the iris as well as some white area of the eye - giving an appearance of bigger eyes.

    Number 3 are the 3d nails. An example is the Caviar nails by Ciate - while the nail coat is not actually caviar, the two-step, three dimensional nail kit does resemble caviar eggs when applied. The steps look easy enough: paint the nails with chosen color, sprinkle on some beads and voila -- caviar resembling beaded nails!

    Number 2 - are the gold plated contact lenses. Featuring studded diamonds, they cost approximately $15,000 a pair. The creator of these lenses is hopeful that one day they would take the place of traditional jewelry.

    Number 1 - Jewelry with living creatures. One of the examples is the jewelry collection by Wendi Phan. It includes Marimo necklace and earrings. Marimos, also known as moss are native to Japan. Other unique pieces include miniature vase earnings and necklaces. Incredibly, you can put flowers inside along with water that will help retain their freshness.

    What is your favorite fashion trend?