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    Lizzie Velasquez Takes a Bold Stand Against Bullying

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    Lizzie Velasquez Takes a Bold Stand Against Bullying - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    One 23-year-old woman has taken a bold stand against the cyber bullies who have called her the ‘world’s ugliest woman’. Lizzie Velasquez was born without adipose tissue, causing her to have a very low body weight.

    She weighed less than 3 pounds at birth and currently weighs less than 60 pounds. Her rare disorder has no name and only 2 other people on Earth are known to have it.

    For her whole life, she has encountered blatant stares and continuous bullying throughout her school years.

    In a recent interview with Dr. Drew, Velazquez states “I'm human, of course these things are going to hurt but I'm not going to let those things define me”.

    And her actions prove that statement. She has appeared at more than 200 workshops as a motivational speaker against bullying. She made a video for the “It Gets Better Project”. Velazquez also wrote a new book, titled ‘Be Beautiful, Be You’. The book takes a trip through her own struggles and also offers encouragement and advice for teenagers, helping them build self-esteem.