Patti Cakes - Paper Bag Princess

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This is the new video we made for Patti Cakes. I've had this idea of a simple video shot on a New Zealand beach for quite some time now. The idea was simple, the song was about unrequited love, so we thought of having three stereotypical dates of two lovers [restaurant, movies, a walk in the park/at the beach] and the girl who longs for the boy would be there every time, unable to tell the boy how she feels, all in a very symbolic way, at the beach then, like stripping the set to keep only the concept. I also wanted the couple to wear masks to illustrate the broad nature of the song, saying "those guys could be anybody" and that what matters is not the couple, but the story, hopes and despair of the girl singing. It also here to say that we only have the girl's point of view and that the truth could be very different, maybe she's psycho and a stalker, who knows? ;)
Girl - Tara Benedict
Boy - Matt Livingstone
Girl 2 - Nicole de Malmanche
Shot by Géraldine Clermont, Nicolas Plaire, Bertrand Remaut
Directed, edited and graded by Nicolas Plaire
Produced by Géraldine Clermont
Catering - Julie Anterrieu
Music & Lyrics by Patti Cakes [Tara Benedict]
Thanks to Richard Parker from Pure Productions for helping me salvage the After Effects project that was crashing at the opening.. Bloody CS6 and the shadow/highlight effect! [tip: you need to move the .aex files out of the after effects folder, open the project and either save it as cs5.5 project or remove the references to the effect]
Thanks to Tiger Bar for the menus

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