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    Mechanic Deck by The Blue Crown - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Industrial Design and Quality
    Someone who is skilled in gambling techniques is known as a mechanic - a person who can deal you a royal flush on a whim without breaking a sweat. The Mechanic deck is a poker players dream. It has dark and gritty industrial artwork and is printed on high-quality Bee stock with Magic finish to withstand the abuse of a rough night of gambling.
    Flipbook-Style Animation
    Designed by award-winning artist Jimmy K of Mechanic Industries the Mechanic deck has an animated back design. When arranged in numerical order and riffled like a flipbook the gears and chains will come to life Because of the different back designs you can also identify the values of cards at a glance making this an incredibly affordable marked deck
    Customized Color Scheme and Gaffs
    The Mechanic deck uses classic Bicycle faces with a new color scheme. The Hearts and Diamonds are a deep dark red and all of the suits have a textured look. The court cards have a customized color scheme to fit in with the industrial mood of the deck. The deck has a fully custom Ace of Spades and there is a reveal built into one of the Jokers. A blank-faced card is also included which can be used as a cut card during a game or for magic purposes.