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    The Tribulation - Ancient Secrets You've Never Been Told - Dr. Scott McQuate


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    329 lượt xem is where Author and Lecturer Dr. Scott McQuate once again, brings mind-blowing information about The Great Tribulation that has never been released before. This never-before-seen information has been buried beneath the Sumerian, Hindu Hebrew and other languages for millennia, is entirely corroborated by the hidden stories within the Bible and is absolutely unknown to Pastors, Theologians and Scholars. If you've ever listened to Dr. McQuate or have read any of his books before, you know that his no-nonsense approach is refreshing and that his research is incredible. Go to now and learn what you've never heard before about the epic event known as The Tribulation and how it is inextricably linked to The Rapture, Ezekiel's Wheel, Elijah, UFO, Aliens, The Abomination of Desolation, The Fig Tree parable of Jesus, your DNA and much more.