NYC Soda Ban explained, sort of

Casey Neistat

by Casey Neistat

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this is a New York Times OpDoc by Casey Neistat, see the original posting here -- nyti.ms/R7fAT0


love the message... and the big bucket :)
By Romain Thomassin 3 years ago
Screw you fatties. MOST of the medical expenses in the country are because people are FAT. So because of you FAT people I'm paying WAY more medical expenses than I should be!
By Zeigy 3 years ago
It's like with drugs and alcohol, It's my body. If I want to kill myself sooner why do you give a f***. We aren't killing you just ourselves. Crud, what's next a ban on jacking off more than times a day.
By Nasargiel13 3 years ago
it's not up to you or anyone else to decide what i "need".
By putts 3 years ago