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    Second Look: The Voyage of a Dream

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    Second Look: The Voyage of a Dream

    Last week, you met 12-year-old Emily from Trenton, MO who has big dreams to become a professional ballet dancer. She never imagined that a Southwest Airlines Pilot would play a huge role in taking her dream on the dance floor to 30,000 feet.

    Emily met First Officer Gary through Southwest’s Adopt-A-Pilot program — an education initiative where more than 42,000 fifth-grade students in nearly 1,500 classrooms adopt a Southwest Pilot to lead them through science, math, and other core subjects based on aviation-related activities. When Gary is in the classroom, he helps his students dream big dreams, because if he doesn’t, they might never have that big dream, or they might keep it hidden because they’re afraid someone might tell them they’re not good enough to do it.

    Stay tuned to the Nuts blog next Monday, September 10, where you’ll get another glimpse of Southwest’s short film, which will make its worl