PSY - Gangnam Style (NBC Today Live SHOW) 싸이 미국 아침 방송 라이브.

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Joining the YG family in 2010, singer-songwriter PSY is a consummate showman, who has become best known for his exciting and theatric stage performances. PSY’s desire to entertain his fans is evident from the countless concerts he has put on during his career. Incorporating his witty ideas and unique energy into everything from the music and choreography to costumes and skits that make up his shows, PSY creates an unforgettable concert experience for his fans. Attendees of his recent year-end “One Touch” concert tour with Kim Jang Hoon were quick to spread the word about his fantastic performance, making it one of the most well reviewed concert tours in Korea. With the passion that PSY brings to the stage, it is obvious why he is regarded as one of Korea’s best performers.

2010년 YG패밀리에 합류하게 된 싱어송라이터 싸이는 데뷔 당시부터 한국에서는 볼 수 없었던 독특하고 개성 있는 음악과 춤, 무대로 인기를 모으고 있다. 공연에 대한 남다른 애정으로 다양한 형태의 콘서트를 진행하고 있으며, 싸이의 콘서트는 재치 넘치는 아이디어와 특유의 에너지로 가장 가고 싶은 공연으로 꼽히고 있다. 김장훈과 함께하는 콘서트 투어 ´완타치´는 연말 공연의 대명사가 되었다.

A inceput 2001
Gen Hip Hop/Dance/K-Pop
Membri PSY/ 싸이
Oraşul natal Korea
Casa de discuri YG Entertainment
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