How My Husband Abandoned Me On September 14th 2012 Part 2


by AntiCPSMom

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When I say during this part of the video that the people next door were gossiping about me, it is not the statement of a "paranoid person" as my enemies will quickly distort.
First I wish to state that when I got up yesterday during the day (it being Shabbat) as
soon as I opened my eyes and moved to get up (I had been awake before but with my eyes closed) the lady who lives above me (and who flooded my bathroom on Wednesday night) began making wild moans (with a man's voice also heard) as if she was having some sort of "wild sex" (I apologize for having to use that direct term). I made a certain comment and the moans immediately stopped and I heard no more from her.
I went to the bathroom and heard a Muslim prayer coming from the neighbors next door (either their kitchen or living room is next to my bathroom) and thought that it must be a documentary on Islam that they were watching. Then they started talking about me, the man saying that my husband had dumped me because they would never give him my sons while he was with me. The man's foolish wife (whom I do not even know) said that oh its because she's crazy. After I heard that, and prayed to G-D silently in my head to do me Justice for the slanders that I've endured, I heard that the guy next door who was gossiping about my situation had put romantic music, and had taken out the Islamic chants. The DCYF psychiatrists rubbing salt in my wounds and also trying to pass me off as "paranoid"? Perhaps.
However, ever since Ana called these agencies on us, DCYF and Ana have managed to "befriend" people everywhere we've lived.
I REALLY had to struggle to be able to make this video and even just to upload it. I have to upload the first part unless the hacker prevents me from doing so.
To see how I was hacked please go to these hacking video URLs:




To understand more in depth the details of how my unfaithful husband dumped me go
to the URLs below:

Please read the lengthy description under the photo at this URL


Also see a video of my husband on the day that he dumped me:


URL of a video documenting a call that was received on the day that I was abandoned


URL of image that I made to visually represent what occurred


The hacker is impeding me from uploading Part 1 of this video. I will keep trying.
The 1st part of this video is at this URL:

A filthy image placed on August 28th (just 8 days after my husband secretly signed divorce papers),so sick vulgar Ana was also probably mocking the fact that I was not going to have a husband soon with the filthy image of a woman touching herself.(Go to URL):

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