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    The Sacred War


    by ulaghchi

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    Svyashchennaya Voyna (Cyrillic: Священная война, English: Sacred War) was one of the most famous Soviet songs associated with the Great Patriotic War. It was written by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach in 1941 upon the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The composer of the music was Aleksandr Aleksandrov, founder of the Alexandrov Ensemble and the music composer for the Hymn of the Soviet Union.

    The song itself has been translated into two languages officially: the German version is Der Heilige Krieg and the Hungarian version is Fel, küzdelemre, hõs haza.

    Rise up, huge country,
    Rise up for a mortal fight!
    With the dark fascist force,
    With the damned horde.

    Refrain x 2:
    Let noble fury
    Boil up like a wave
    A people's war is going on,
    A sacred war!

    We'll give repulse to oppressors
    Of all fervent ideas,
    Rapists, robbers,
    Tormenters of people.


    Black wings don't dare
    To fly over the homeland,
    Her vast fields
    The enemy doesn't dare to trample.


    To the rotten fascist scum
    We'll drive a bullet into the forehead,
    For the rabble of humanity
    We'll knock together a solid casket!

    Refrain x 2