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    Jon Danzig directs: 'The Paper People'

    Jon Danzig

    by Jon Danzig

    Jon Danzig had never used a professional video camera when he was commissioned to make his first film about how paper is made. Shot at Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead, UK

    "The night before filming I was avidly reading the manual on how to use the camera, " said Jon Danzig. "Fortunately, I got away with it and the paper company loved my film, showing it all over England.

    "I did almost everything for the production: scripting, shooting, lighting, editing and the voice-over. My friend, Steve Skinner, did the music. Later, I learnt the value of hiring a crew! I'll always be grateful to the paper company for my first commission, especially their Marketing Director, Ian Monro, who supported my ideas from the start. It was the launch of my career as the owner of a niche media production company,

    "Alas, DRG Nash Mills is no longer - the site of the old factory is currently being knocked down for a new housing development. I wonder what happened to the DRG staff, and the children from the local infants school, who appeared on the film."

    See newspaper story:

    'The Paper People' - written, filmed and directed by Jon Danzig. Music by Steve Skinner. © Jon Danzig MCMLXXXIV