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    IconFinder - Free High Resolution Icons for Website Mobile Application or Desktop


    by Dmitry

    Hi, this is Dmitry from and in this video in you'll learn how to easily find free high resolution icons for your website, mobile application or desktop. Every web designer or developer will tell you how useful icons are to increase the authentic look of a site or application and draw visitor attention to important elements. Icons can be used in a number of ways: as part of the logo, icon for mobile or desktop application or highlight important area on the page, illustrate concept, represent person or simply be used as a picture adding an interesting touch to the overall appearance of a site. High-quality icons create professional look and make content more attractive for the readers to follow. However, hiring a professional graphic designer to make icons seems quite an expensive way of incorporating these important elements. Luckily for us Internet is a great place if you know where to look.
    One of such places is IconFinder; based on a search engine format, IconFinder is a great place to start your search for high quality icons. At the time of making this video there are well over 200K icons for you to explore. You can search icons by keyword or browse icon sets. Most icons are provided under Creative Commons license and are free for personal and commercial use. Even though majority of icons listed on IconFinder allow commercial use of their icons please make sure you check licensing requirements as some of the icons may require recognition of the author aka link to their website or be allowed for non-commercial use only. You can download icons in PNG and ICO formats all the way up to 1024*1024 pixels for super sharp look even on high resolution retina displays but most of the icons at the moment are based around 128*128 pixels and 256*256 pixels. So now if you need great icons for your website, you know where to find ...