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    Woman Uses Prosthetic Leg to Attack Ex

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    by Geo Beats

    Woman Uses Prosthetic Leg to Attack Ex - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Brandon Fleming had a rough childhood, losing his leg at the age of 7.

    Recently he found himself in a bitter custody battle with his son’s mother, Jadian Hatfield. Fleming states, “She sent me a text that said I'm going to be six-feet under just like my momma.”

    Shortly after that message, Hatfield arrived at his home, and when Fleming heard his son yell, he saw the mother pulling his son through a window. (1,9,1) Dad ran outside and a struggle ensued. Hatfield yanked Fleming’s prosthetic leg off and began assaulting him with it.

    He was able to grab his artificial leg back from her grasp; however she pulled out a shotgun and threatened him. Fleming ran back in the house and Hatfield fled with their son. (2,5,6) Police eventually caught up with Hatfield, arresting her and returning the boy to his father.

    Last year, another bizarre report surfaced. 49-year-old Vicki Covington was arrested for criminal domestic violence. She reportedly stole her husband’s prosthetic leg, broke a glass door in their home and scratched him during an altercation.