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    Teresa Qunta

    by Teresa Qunta

    NOBODY HOME - Andy Qunta
    Nobody Home - the beautiful desert view from a forgotten, lonely home in the desert. Once a cute little home, built in the 1930's, it has been left alone. Sad, lonely and a little scary. A dream lost.

    I first stumbled upon this house one night a couple of years ago. It has a spooky air about it, and, honestly, I was too scared to even stop the car long enough to look. Over the last couple years,
    the lingering kid in me thought it would be a really cool place to investigate -- and photograph. So this May I decided to venture back over to the Little House Lost and began my photographic excursion into the desert loneliness that this sad little home has to offer. Hatred spewed in spray paint on the walls, broken fixtures, broken walls, people have taken out their anger here with definite rage and violence, leaving a quiet sense of calm surrounding it. I have found an eerie comfort each time I've explored here. Some stubborn desert plants manage to survive and flourish sparingly around the home - the view, breathtaking. And aside from bees that have built a hive in the wall, and a few birds nesting in the rafters, there is Nobody Home.

    The song, Nobody Home, was written and performed by my husband, the amazing, multitalented, Andy Qunta, (of Icehouse).