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    Nicolas Plaire - Showreel 2012 - The Pat Seb Edition

    Nicolas Nicolas Plaire

    par Nicolas Nicolas Plaire

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    This one is a different kind of showreel . And I feel I need to explain this one a little further, especially to non french readers. As I was explaining in my Motion Graphics reel

    I like to play with the codes and clichés around reels. And one of them is the use of a somewhat obscure and hip piece of music that does not only show that you are a killer /designer/director/whatever but also that you listen to music only a handful would know. Kind of like a hipster reel. So for this one I went the opposite way, I chose the most popular, commercial and idiotic song I could think of. Unfortunately I had my mind set on "Le Petit bonhomme en mousse" by Patrick Sebastien who is a french comedian and tv presenter. And his audience, his humour and his music could be considered to be the opposite of what a modern designer/director/whatever would find tasteful. Think Chicken Dance!
    Anyway, I decided to create this reel as a spoof reel, a mock reel. French people will get the irony. It'll probably get lost on others.