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Nicolas Plaire - Director's Showreel - 2012

il y a 5 ans26 views

When I started to visualise a concept for my new reel, I knew I wanted to have a cool intro with a girl entering a large building, blowing some pixie dust to the camera. And all that should have been edited to my favourite TV on the Radio song: Wolf Like Me.
Now what the viewer should know is that the building I've shot the intro in is actually the building I live, an old railway station, down-town Auckland New Zealand, that has been turned into an apartment building. So not only the intro shows the viewer into my work, but it is quite literally showing you INTO my world, my home.
Music: TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me
Special thanks to Julie Anterrieu, Géraldine Clermont, Nicole de Malmanche, Karim More and Bertrand Remaut.
Another special thanks to the Pineapple Productions girls [Ling, Carrie and the others]
And also thank you to the various companies I've worked with in the past four years