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    When the Horns Blow!(Blow, Blow, Blow!!!-LOL!)

    Feezy Dee

    by Feezy Dee

    Please mind my clothes! That is just my around the house clothes!-LOL! Either Way I still look Sharp!-LOL! They agreed Not! I did n't asked them too!-LOL! Haha!-hafdav3000!
    I made this on the 14th of September in the afternoon on that day! Yay Yay!-LOL!-hafdav3000 is getting''HUGER! and Will Not Self Destruct!-LOL! They Can Not Destroy Me! So Ha-Ha Haters!-LOL! We are still working!-Yes!-hafdav3000! a little redundancy! Yeah I also
    plan to have more consistency!-This is Feezy Dee AKA Hafdav3000- A performer and a future businessman who resides in Georgia outside of Atlanta! This is just a have-fun laugh to U drop video! This is
    meant for all ages!-Family Friendly so everybody can ''ENJOY''!-hafdav3000-Peace and Love!