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    MusicDishTV Presents Everything's Going To Be Fine By American Brit Rocker Barry Keenan


    by MusicDishTV

    American Brit Rocker Barry Keenan's song and video "Everything's Going To Be Fine" are very good. Keenan has a great singing voice and does a fantastic job with this very touching and inspirational song. The video shows a young boy and his drawings, which depict the song's lyrical content about how in spite of all of the bad things going on around us, if we concentrate on the love that's inside each and every one of us, everything will be alright. It's very creative to use a child, someone who is so innocent, to convey something that seems to be so complex to so many adults. If a child knows this, why don't we? The lyrics are solid and Keenan obviously has a very deep connection to his spiritual side and with the word. The folk music and vocal performance deliver the message solidly and with conviction.