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    Trailer 10 years Open Doors - FFL65


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    Trailer 10 years Open Doors realised by La Boite Visual Art (Patricia Boillat & Elena Gugliuzza) for the 65. Festival del fim Locarno. "Hommage" to the ten years of Open Doors section. Excerpts took from the following movies:
    Han Jia (Winter Vacation), Li Hongqi, China, 2010
    El Chico Que Miente (The Kid Who Lies), Marité Ugas, 2011, Venezuela
    Jermal, Ravi Bharwani, 2009, Indonesia
    Hello! Mr. Tree, Shu Xian Sheng, China, 2011
    Solnetchniye (Sunny Days), Nariman Turebayev, 2011, Kazakhstan
    Man Without Cell Phone, Sameh Zoabi, 2007, France | Israel | Palestine Territories
    La vida de los peces (The Life of Fish), Matias Bize, Chile, 2010
    Jean Gentil, Israel Cardenas & Laura Amelia Guzman, 2010, Dominican Republic | Mexico | Germany
    El Vuelco del Cagrejo (The Crab Trap), Oscar Ruiz Navia, 2009, Colombia | France

    With support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Swiss Foreign Ministry.