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    Classic Game Room - PSP to HDMI converter PSPHD42 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Pyle PSPHD42 review, PSP to HDMI converter. Classic Game Room reviews the Pyle Audio PSPHD42 PSP to HDMI converter that outputs a full screen 720P image to your HDTV, plasma screen, LCD or HD projector. The PSPHD42 also sends audio on the HDMI cable or via a stereo jack for an external amplifier. You'll be amazed at the amazing visuals contained within your PSP game library as colors and details explode off of our HDTV. Annoying it suffers from a noticeable input delay so button commands are not as immediate as you may like for action games, but your immense library of JRPGs and tactical strategy games won't care. PSPHD42 works on later-model PSPs that have the video output option (which also supports the component video cables). This thing has a zoom button that fills the screen with the PSP image and that's really one of its coolest features. CGR Pyle Home PSPHD42 video review features the PSP to HDMI converter being used with games such as Tactics Ogre, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Soul Calibur, Growlanser Wayfarer of Time, Ys 7, Persona 3, Gungnir and God of War Ghost of Sparta.