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    Akira Ifukube - DAIMAJIN / 伊福部 昭: 大魔神 (1966)

    Tyler Martin

    by Tyler Martin

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    In celebration of Mill Creek's upcoming Blu-ray release of the Daimajin trilogy, I've put together a selection of highlights from Akira Ifukube's score for the first film in the legendary samurai/giant monster crossover series.

    00:00 Main Title
    02:01 Frightened Villagers
    02:43 Demon-Scattering Dance
    05:47 Escape
    07:01 Journey to the War God Statue
    11:05 The Downtrodden
    12:37 The God and Kozasa
    12:59 Trap
    15:44 Majin's Wrath
    21:03 Ending

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