Thalia Fat Joe I Want You


by avajra

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Dedicated to Shakura ONELOVE
I Want You Thalia Fat Joe


This the Organization, Corporate Consortium, Right..... From Rockefeller to Vanderbilt, I Rothschild it, Scorn those who adorn it, Those who mourn it, Just Pay Him. I call Jigga Hova, They call me Corcovado its enough for us all to control it, Mind frame of Lucky Luciano, You be the boss of yo house and your spouse, Crack, Came down the mountain, no fountain just Crosses and bosses, Got lost, but the path straight and narrow like an arrow, Thalia had my heart of top just off of looks, no feels, no pain, just so much to gain, Give me one more Tequila, Im like they thinking its Easter, and Im passing them over, Give it to my running back, I dont call him my nigga, I say Moreno Que Paso, No Ripe, We tell them Watch out, We got 18 wheelers for ya Yukons, So who the Don, and Since yall acting, I be Like Andy Garcia, To smooth to let her beat it, So I don't eat the nonsense, Whats crime without dollars, No sense, So I got an Infinite 6th sense, wheter money or dummys getting popped like...
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Thalia Higher than Bob Marley, and is not Puerto RIcan gold she smoking on, Its That Shakira. Now Paulina serving you on the dress, u know servant u The Most High, Yes you are the best. But Know Its a cause and effect, Nothing for free, as Tony Who the Tiger WHo the best, Im Thinking he Ulysess Alonso in disguise, No Pre Nup, Child Support for 18, Tuition, Therapists, Nightmares like Im at Michael Jackson House, But I wake Up like U Bad, But Im worse, You Smooth But Im rough, FUCK. This shit is too much, take it how you want... Just trying to go back to the days when I held that retarded bitch had, MUAH!
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Menos El Gordo, to high risk for the run, So when they lose their breath, bet on them switchin, Im sorry Thalia the streets call it snitchin and if he beg to differ, Ask them Haitians from Miami, anyway this kite, flying in raint and thunder, Eureka you got it, Im going back to Timbiriche days, beef is so outdated, plus Im back on an apple a day, v8 tomato juice, with a banana peeled and sliced...right. Don't gotta replace me with a rapper, just open up the pages of Descent from Xanadu, and know I found what I was looking for, and only women I Adore, I got my Mojo Back and im not Austin Powers, its Golden Member and like Dr. Evil I got my Mini Me, Dont say silly me, cuz im not a rabbit and tricks aint in my cabinet, but since true love decided to be late, i guess one date turns to dates, and one woman turns to women, but their will always be the image of the most highest, and Im more than her friend, Sun Down, Moon Up
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
jm -
c banal
By SALEM LES AMIS!!! 7 years ago
By soum007 7 years ago
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