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    Disability Treaty & Parental Rights: United Nations Control over American Children: HomeSchool

    Suzanne Daron

    by Suzanne Daron

    The Treaty for Disability Act is another devise used by the United Nations to infiltrate and control Americans. It is part of Agenda 21. There will be no more Homeschooling, because the UN knows what’s best for your children.
    The Senate Foreign Relation Committee has approved the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in July 2012 and it has been sent to the Senate where it waits to be ratified (two-thirds majority-67-votes are needed for ratification). Supporters contend that the treaty would widen the effects of Americans with Disabilities Act, giving disabled Americans more right when traveling abroad and that the Treaty would not compel United States Citizens to comply with International Law.
    Clearly, the Supporters do not understand International Law. A treaty (once ratified) becomes the highest Law of the Land. We would be giving total control over our children to unelected bureaucrats of the UN. It would abolish Parental Rights. Homeschoolers watch out! Here comes Agenda 21 – little by little our rights are being taken away.
    This should not be a partisan issue. It is an American issue. However, President Obama, all the democratic Senators support this treaty, along with Richard Lugar of Indiana, John Barrasso of Wyoming and Johnny Isakson of Georgia. Others are undecided. Call or e-mail the (your) Senators, NOW. Tell them not to ratify the Disability Treaty. Say NO.
    And here’s a scary thought: It is a fact that the world population grows 200,000 people per day. Instead of allowing technology to grow and come up with new innovative ways to deal with this problem, the UN has Agenda 21 – wherein government will pack and stack humans into unthinkable living conditions; controlling the water, food, shelter, and reproductive behavior of every human being. Worse yet, they may consider implementing Jacques Cousteau’s solution – to eliminate 350,000 people per day. BTW; Jacques Cousteau was a supporter/adviser of Agenda 21.