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    No One Knows Why China's Yangtze River Turned Red

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    No One Knows Why China's Yangtze River Turned Red - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    The Yangtze River, also known as the “golden water course,” has turned red.

    China’s largest and longest river, and the world’s third longest river the Yangtze runs through the Chinese city of Chongqing where it meets the Jialin River.

    Residents collected the red tinged water in bottles, and fisherman continued to work, while scientists and officials pondered over the reason behind the color change. The cause of the color is not yet known, but another river in China turned red in December of last year when illegal dumping of a strong dye caused the Jian River to turn red.

    River water changing color was also reported in Canada.

    The Goldstream River that flows through a small city in British Columbia turned fluorescent green for about an hour on December 30th 2010. Passersby caught the phenomenon on their cameras.

    Authorities believe the change was caused by an organic synthetic dye, though no tests were being conducted that day. The color change was believed to be a prank.