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    Woman is Shocked to Find Ex Living in Attic

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    Woman is Shocked to Find Ex Living in Attic - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Other than few bugs here and there, we pretty much know who lives in our house. Well, don't be so sure.

    A woman recently found out that her ex-boyfriend was living in the attic of her house without her knowledge. She had broken up with him over 12 years ago.

    She's a single mother and lives with her children in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

    He was discovered to be living there when one night the family heard noises coming from the ceiling. According to the Charlotte Observer, it is suspected that he stayed inside a heating unit and he might have gotten access to the house after assisting with installing new doors a year back.

    The police are looking for him since he escaped upon being found by the family.

    As unnerving as this seems, one ex-boyfriend went even further. He actually created an elaborate hiding area in his ex-girlfriend's home in Wellington, New Zealand.
    It was discovered only after he jumped out of his hiding area with a garden spade when he saw another man visiting his ex-girlfriend. After a scuffle, he was arrested and sent to prison.