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    Wedding Ring Gets Lost During Ceremony

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    Wedding Ring Gets Lost During Ceremony - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Amidst all the flurry of activity on a wedding day, there's nothing more important than making sure someone has the wedding ring. And that's exactly what went missing at a wedding in Redhill, UK.

    It was a big day for Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey, who were set to be married at St. John's Church.

    During the ceremony, the best man and Aubrey’s brother, named Matt dropped the ring, sending a distinctive “pling” noise throughout the church as it hit the floor.

    After searching for 10 minutes, they had still not located the ring. Losing hope that the ring would ever be found, the mother of the bride gave her own wedding band so the ceremony could be completed.

    Later, the determined vicar returned to the church and noticed a crack between some steps. Using a spade, he made the gap bigger, grabbed the ring, and handed it to the best man. The groom stated “My brother was holding the ring like Frodo from ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and everyone erupted.”.