Last of Occupy Hong Kong Protests Cleared Out

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Only a few remained nearly one year after the Occupy movement started here in Hong Kong. On Tuesday, police moved out the last protestors from heart of the city’s financial district.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement, protestors here pitched tents in the open-air plaza beneath HSBC's Asian headquarters. Last month, the bank obtained a court permission to reclaim their space, after the activists stayed there past the eviction deadline of August 27th.

Now the tents, along with furniture, carpet and other personal belongings, are being taken down.

And some here are happy to see them go.

[Judyanna Yeung, Housewife]:
"I do not support them. After all, this is other people's property, they cannot just occupy it. And they've made a mess out of it. They've already occupied this place for 10 months. And it (HSBC) has already applied for an eviction order according to the Hong Kong laws, but they still would not leave."

At the height of the protest about 100 tents were pitched here. The Hong Kong protest echoed Occupy's global movement against the perceived close ties between government and business, corporate greed and economic disparity.

Compared with other demonstrations here in Hong Kong over the past year, the Occupy protest has taken place on a much smaller scale. Participants include students, young professionals, the unemployed, and the homeless.