#Working! Galaxy life Cheat / Hack tool V3.1 2012

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download here: http://facebookgamezcheatz.blogspot.com/2012/09/galaxy-life-hack-and-chips-generator.html
#Working! Galaxy life Cheat / Hack tool V3.1 2012

Galaxy Life Cheat
You can add to your account free mineral, coins and unlimited galaxy chips! Watch our video proof and download

Let's be frank and straight: Galaxy Life is basically a city-building simulation, but coated with multiple layers of fun to finally conjure up as a hybrid game worth a try.

Galaxy Life leaves to our hands a planet in the distant galaxy where adorable Starlings inhabit. Peaceful life is interrupted by the chaos brought about by Firebit, an evil starling born out of a rotten seed. Wars usually mark the start of a legend, and it's no exception to the back story of Galaxy Life.

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