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    What the Hack? 'SOPA spells end of Web 2.0'

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    America's government and entertainment industry has come under attack from a group of computer hackers known only as Anonymous. They took down websites belonging to the FBI, Department of Justice and Universal Music Group. The group says 'its largest ever attack' is in response to the shutting down of the major file sharing service Megaupload, which has affected around 50 million daily users. The website's bosses have been arrested and are now facing prison sentences for copyright infringement. American lawmakers are currently debating new bills to curb illegal downloading, which have been attacked as an attempt to censor the internet. Thousands of websites, including Wikipedia, went black in protest this week. Patrick Hayes, a reporter for online magazine Spiked believes the proposed U.S. legislation might make the web as we know it cease to exist.

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