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    Pagels: Book of Revelation Is a Multipurpose Story



    Pagels: Book of Revelation Is a Multipurpose Story
    The Long Now Foundation - Cowell Theatre
    Revelations about the Book of Revelation: Elaine Pagels tells the truth about one of the Bible's most controversial books.Probably the most consequential vision of the future ever written is the Bible's Book of Revelation. If God didn't write it (through the sainted instrument of someone named John), then who did, and why?Elaine Pagels has a persuasive answer, spectacularly illustrated. The author of The Gnostic Gospels; Beyond Belief; andRevelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation, Pagels analyzes other revelations of the time (they were common) and examines how John's particular version of apocalypse made it into the world's most popular book. John had his own agenda. It wasn't Christian.