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    Honda Cooling System Radiator Water Pump Repair Service Santa Clarita Valley San Fernando Valley CA 91340


    by galhonserv

    " We deliver great value for dependable Honda Service in Santa Clarita Valley and San Fernando Valley.

    Keep your engine from losing its cool and improve performance when you take advantage of our Cooling System Service. As a general rule coolant levels should be 1 to 2 inches below the radiator filler neck when cool. If the coolant is over two years old or has rust in it, system flushing and refilling with new antifreeze solution is recommended. With our cooling system service. … we’ll test, drain and refill your cooling system with the manufacturers recommended coolant mixture for one incredibly low price. The Radiator is just one component in your vehicle's cooling system which can quickly diminish the efficiency and durability of the engine. We’ll check the radiator as well as the cooling fan, check for internal and external leaks and so much more!

    When it comes to Honda heating and cooling service in Santa Clarita Valley and San Fernando Valley, our quality can't be beat!

    Galpin Honda
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