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    Agenda 21: The United Nations complete takeover. Using the Environmental issues as their weapon.

    Suzanne Daron

    by Suzanne Daron

    Agenda 21. Understand, Agenda 21 is EVIL. The United Nations (UN) uses the Environment as an excuse to make us give up our liberties/rights little by little until our GOD given rights are gone and America is not America any longer. The UN wants America to be part of their One World Nation. They use great terms like “Saving the Environment”, “Smart growth”, “Sustainable Development”, “Save the Planet”, “Conservation”, “Social Justice”, “Social Equity”, “Public Private Partnership”, “Going Green” “Endangered Species”. Control is the name of the game.
    The United Nations through Agenda 21 will take way your individual rights in the name of what’s good for the community. This is Capitalism vs. Communism/fascism. They need to take away the 2nd amendment rights. Because once the 2nd amendment is diminished, the other rights will fall easily.
    Can’t happen in the United States? They already have it mapped out – just look at other videos. Agenda 21 for Dummies It’s here and it’s coming. They have completed 75% of Agenda 21 in the United Sates.
    More disturbing are the Treaties with the UN. –Gun control through treaties—Arms Trade Treaty—
    Or, how about the UN will have total control over American Children? Through the Treaty for Disability Act. It will destroy parental rights. See ---
    Appearing in video: Tom DeWeese-President of American Policy Center and Howard Phillips (TCC). Original was Produced by Art Harman – The Conservative Caucus. Edited by me – NeverAgain1776.