How Bill Clinton Caused 9/11

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Bill Clinton for years ignored blatant acts of terrorism like the bombinng of the USS Cole until his administration was plagued with scandal. Then he decided to fight terrorism by bombing Al Quida and a asprin factory in the Sudan owned by Osama Bin Laden because it was suspected of producing VX gas (weapons of mass destruction)

Amid cries of "wag the dog" none other than Newt Gingrich urged his fellow Republicans to support the president for finally taking action on terrorism regardless of the reason. Clinton never followed thought after the attacks on Al Quida once he got the healdlines he was looking for and Newt Ginrich dismissed the Monica Missile strikes as "pinpricks".

When the Sudanese offered to arrest Bin Laden Clinton declined and Bin laden was then allowed to escape to Afghanistan. UN weapons inspectors said there was no evidence of WMD at the Al Shifa pharmacuticals factory which was the primary source of pharmacuticals for Kenya. Clinton refused to apologize for the bombing and now we have a president of Kenyan decent who's family has been linked to Al Quida.

All those years Clinton's response to terrorism was weak, then Clinton fled Somalia after American soldiers were killed Moghadishu. After the 9/11 attack Al Quida members were quoted as saying they were suprised by the ferocity of the American attack, they had no reason to expect anything but more weak responses. If Al Quida had thought for 1 second that Bush would respond to the attack on the World Trade Center with daisy cutters this tragedy would never have happened. And i think this is why we have never had a attack like this since.