Splatter,Ropes,Time & Poles

Alain Godineau

by Alain Godineau

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Spectacle surréaliste,assez flippant....Chalon sur Saône 2005
Cie Odd Enjinears (Amesterdam)


Kletter, Touw, Tijd en Palen (Splatter, Rope, Time & Poles)
Travelling performance 2003 - 2005

‘Splatter, Rope, Time and Poles’ is about four characters in a world in which an enormous time machine shapes the course of events. Once set in motion, Time plays its own composition that affects the players more in their actions and condition than they would like. Life is increasingly unsettled and pieces disrupted with unexpected sounds.
A mechanical installation that is about life and being lived, about who pulls the strings and about a sheep factory as


j'avais remis deux fois le même com, ça ne s'enregistre pas très bien
By trinkjM 8 years ago
très interessant!
je suis certain que ça va plaire beaucoup à tagtah
elle n'est pas revenue et je modère à sa place

elle te salue bien
By trinkjM 8 years ago