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    B52's Medley - Tribute - Electric Dreams Pt 9

    Here is Part 9 of our recent Showcase Electric Dreams - B52's Medley/Tribute
    Featuring Songs - Rock Lobster & Love Shack
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    The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is the leading school for today's music industry, located in Surry Hills Sydney, offering music degrees across a broad range of genres and instruments. Each year AIM produces a musical showcase of exceptional student talent and 2012 was no different. This year's theme celebrated the incredible diversity of the 1980's, called 'Electric Dreams'. Covering several distinct genres of contemporary 1980's sounds, the AIM Showcase combined the talents of AIM departments to present two hours of scintillating entertainment. The concert featured the transformation of electronica from obscurity to mainstream contemporary music, the development of post punk into a genuine mainstream commodity and the influence of British contemporary music including the development of Dance.

    The AIM music showcase provides students with 'real performance experience', in front of a live audience with complete lighting and audio-visual packaging.

    AIM - Leading School For Today's Music Industry

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