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    Florida Mom Makes Son Panhandle for Money

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    Florida Mom Makes Son Panhandle for Money - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Recently a 34-year-old, Florida mother, Jamie Ann Spicer reportedly made her young son stand on the side of the road and hold a sign that read “Homeless, need help, God Bless”.

    Spicer had been sitting nearby. Several passing drivers called law enforcement to report the disturbing roadside scene.

    When she noticed the police, she quickly took the sign away from her boy and tried to hide it. The mother told officers that she needed money for a motel room.

    Spicer also claimed she tried to conceal the sign because she was a substitute teacher and didn’t want to land herself in trouble. Mom was arrested and is now being held without bond. Meanwhile, her son is staying with his father.

    Earlier this summer, a school in California was under scrutiny. St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church private school had allegedly forced children to stand in public and beg for money from pedestrians. The kids were reportedly told by the reverend that they could not go home, until they took in a certain amount of cash.