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    5 Cute Pets That End Up on Dinner Plate

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    5 Cute Pets That End Up on Dinner Plate - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Your version of a meat-eating diet may be entirely different than someone else's from another region.

    Here are 5 unexpected animals or birds that end up on the dinner table.

    Number 5 are the Guinea Pigs. Native to Andes in South America, these cuddly creatures are an important source of protein for people in Peru.

    Peruvians eat approximately 65 million guinea pigs every year.

    They are raised for their meat just like we raise livestock for consumption in the US.

    Number 4 is the Ortolan, a tiny songbird found commonly in South of France. Although meat of this bird was outlawed in France a few years, if sold illegally it can fetch up to $200 per bird. This cute little bird is typically cooked for 7-8 minutes and served hot.

    Number 3 are the dogs. Eating dog is considered legal and socially acceptable in some countries such as Vietnam, China, Korea, Taiwan, and some parts of Switzerland. For instance, dog meat is readily available in China particularly in the north and is considered to have medicinal qualities. In Taiwan, dog meat is eaten in winters to stay warm.

    Number 2 are the rats. In Thailand, roasted rats are considered a delicacy, costing even more than chicken or pork. Thailand is the 3rd biggest consumer of rat meat in Asia. This Thai delicacy is so popular that its demand has surpassed the current supply.

    Number 1 are the cats. To the horror of many cat lovers, they make it to the dinner table in some parts of the world. Cat meat is considered a delicacy in Southern China and some South Asian countries. A restaurant owner in South China in an interview said, "Dishes like cats' eyes and testicles are the most expensive. Basically, we eat all of the cat. Another popular dish is stir-fried cats' paws with garlic."

    What do you think? Ok to eat chickens and cows but not other animals? Or should we all be vegetarians?