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    Pierce Brosnan talks love, secrets to a successful marriage and 'legal cheating'


    by NTDTelevision

    Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan looks cool and composed as he talks about his new movie "Love Is All You Need".

    Full Story:

    Pierce Brosnan is in the mood for love.

    The actor stars in Danish director Susanne Bier's Toronto and Venice film festival entry "Love is All You Need".

    The film tackles tough topics with humor and warmth.

    Brosnan plays Philip, a middle-aged Englishman living in Denmark who has tragically lost his wife.

    At the airport on the way to his son's wedding in Italy, he literally bumps into the mother of the bride, Ida.

    Ida is a recovering breast cancer patient whose husband has just left her for a younger woman.

    After a difficult start, the two are drawn to each other at the shambolic wedding of their children.

    Brosnan himself lost his first wife to cancer.

    [Pierce Brosnan, Actor]:
    "The script really touched my heart, I loved the joy of it, I loved the sadness of it, I loved the romance and me, my own life, being a father, having lost a wife to fall in love with this woman who has breast cancer."

    In the movie, Brosnan stars alongside a Danish and Italian cast.

    [Pierce Brosnan, Actor]:
    "Susanne really intrigues me. I had seen her film In a Better World that year, last year, the winter last year and my agent called me and said 'she wants you for a movie called The Bald-headed Hairdresser, that title alone was kind of intriguing. And then I read it and I said 'yes'. Then I got a little apprehensive because I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in with Danish actors."

    But everything turned out just fine, and Brosnan was welcomed by the other actors, contributing to the feel-good factor of the film.

    "Love Is All You Need" premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Sunday to wide acclaim.

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